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GS1 is one of the organizations that ZNCCIA has collaborated with since 2011. The major linkage between the two is that, whereas ZNCCIA unites the business enterprise in Zanzibar, GS1 issues and manages electronic identification (barcodes) of business products to enhance trade and traceability while improving marketing efficiency.GS1 Tanzania works very closely with several Tanzanian Industrial Support Organizations to ensure that products for which barcodes are being requested have satisfied all the quality and standards requirements.

ZNCCIA we manage and issue the barcode system used by retailers, suppliers and their partners, so you’re in the right place if you need barcodes for your business or organization in Zanzibar. GS1 (TZ) National Limited therefore start with the country prefix 620 our barcodes identify products uniquely so they can be sold anywhere in the world.

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Daudi Banza

ZNCCIA Systems Administrator

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