Benefits of Becoming a Member of ZNCCIA.


We defend and promote the interests of our Members to local, regional and international authorities by voicing their views and concerns. We aim at fostering our economic liberalization and market-led policies.

Our activities includes but not limited to:-

  • Support and promote the interests of our esteemed Members in bilateral, regional and international trade negotiations.
  • Working with the authorities on trade facilitation projects that focus on improving the business environment and reducing the cost of doing business.
  • Represent and protect the interests of our Members on joint public private sector committees.
  • Make a Strategic Plan that acts as an interface between Members of the ZNCCIA and the Government for the inclusive economic development of Zanzibar.


Information, professional advice and being constantly updated are important factors that help to contribute to the success of any business. We conduct regular researches and documents on economy, trade and law to keep Members informed of the latest trends and developments taking place locally, regionally and internationally.

Our other publications include (ZNCCIA Newsletter, ZNCCIA Profile, Annual Report) provide useful business-related information to our Members.

Our advice is based on:-

  • Trade opportunities and how to access regional and international markets such as EAC, SADC, COMESA, ASEAN, Europe, United States etc.
  • How to face adverse economic situations and indicate what avenues are potentially worth exploring.
  • The legal and regulatory aspects of doing business in Zanzibar.


In supporting business in Zanzibar, ZNCCIA does the following:-

  • Assist Members in addressing and resolving specific barriers to trade encountered at national and regional levels.
  • Support and advocate the role of the local Manufacturing sector.
  • Provide assistance and support Members and Manufacturers by issuing barcodes through GS1 Tanzania.
  • Support the creation of enterprises in the production and manufacturing sectors.
  • Work to improve the enabling business environment for local entrepreneurs.


Meeting open-minded people and building relationships are core factors that help to foster business growth. Through our connections with local, regional and international private and public institutions and influencers, we organize and facilitate participation of our members to business events and trade missions.

We also hold a series of networking events for our members for them to do business together, introduce new products and share values.

Our networking initiatives lie within and outside Zanzibar, and through our strength, we inform our Members about international trade events, seminars, forums, and training courses available. We also organize networking events for Members, Promote cooperation with private sector organizations outside Zanzibar as well as Public sector organizations involved in business.


We strongly involved skills development that involves practical trainings in various business sectors through our partnerships with professional organizations across the globe.

The ZNCCIA through its comprehensive network and partnerships provide professional skills to students and professions. Our partners include German Government through AVT, Vocational Training Authority of Zanzibar, UNIDO, ENGINE, BEST-DIALOGUE. ZNCCIA strive to ensure that the people trained have the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their respective fields. A series of top-level conferences for corporates are held on a regular basis. Demand-driven short term courses for businesses are also organized.